Dr. Sue Bulman, DVM


Dr. Sue Bulman, DVM
Dr. Sue Bulman, DVM Veterinarian (Fear-Free Certified)

I have always been an "animal lover" and always gravitated more towards animals than people. Our family always had dogs and cats and I began horseback riding lessons at a young age. Being a veterinarian was just something I wanted to do as long as I can remember.

My husband Randi Hartt and I bought Bushville Animal Clinic in 1993 and partnered with Miramichi Animal Hospital in 1998 to become Waterview Animal Hospital. What I love about Waterview is that all the staff has been here a long time and we really are family.

I enjoy ophthalmology, ultrasound, dentistry, and behaviour. My favourite thing about the clinic is that I love kittens and puppies, and helping people keep their pets healthy and happy.

My first pet was a grey poodle named Smokey. A fun fact about myself? I have an online tack shop, and an equine clothing line "Equestrian Lifestyle" (to support my addiction to horses).

Fear Free Certified | Educated on reducing fear and anxiety in animals and promoting practices that ensure pets’ well-being.