Fecal Exam for Cats

Fecal examinations can reveal potential digestive issues from diarrhea to worms in the stool.

Internal parasites can be a huge nuisance for your cat. There are many ways cats can become infected with worms. Including, but not limited to flea infestations, passed on from their moms, and being around other cats that are infected. A fecal exam can check for intestinal parasites.

What is a cat fecal parasite screen?

The doctor will perform a fecal on your cat’s stool sample which is able to detect intestinal parasites microscopically.

What is the best method for collecting my cat’s stool?

For indoor cats a small piece collected from a litter box is all we need. Outdoor cats may be a little more difficult. If able ideally a piece of stool is collected from a recent bowel movement. Stool can be collected in any sealed container and or bag.

How much does a cat stool test cost?

Please call the hospital for pricing 506-622-2355.

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