Weight Management

By achieving a healthy weight, your cat will be less likely to develop underlying issues.

The team at Waterview Animal Hospital can help guide you in the right direction when it comes to your pet’s weight. We have trained team members that can work with you to improve your cat’s health and add years to their life.

How do I know if my cat is overweight?

Just like dogs, we use a body conditioning score to determine if your cat is at its ideal weight. Anything from a 5/9 – 9/9 would be considered overweight. If you think your car may be overweight, call us at 506-622-2355 for an apt with a veterinarian for a health exam.

How can I help my cat lose weight?

We can provide you with a program called “slim fit” that can help your cat get weight off by feeding a prescription weight diet and calculating the exact amount of calories needed to lose weight. Please call us at 506-622-2355 if you feel your cat could use a weight loss program or would like further information.

What is offered during a nutritional consultation?

In a nutritional consultation, the doctor or technician will determine your cats body condition score, proper weight, and determine what diet is best suited for your pet. They will also help you with feeding guidelines, and how much of the new diet you should be feeding your pet to achieve the proper weight loss.

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