Behavioural Counselling

Helping pet owners in addressing the root causes of their dog's behavioural issues.

Each year millions of dogs are surrendered to shelters because of behavioural reasons. It is the number one reason owners have to give their pets away, and we want to help. Behaviour issues in dogs can often be noticed by our veterinarians during their initial puppy visits. At this time, your dog’s doctor may make recommendations on various ways to correct certain behavioural issues. We want you to have a long relationship with your dog and are here to help when behavioural situations arise.

How can behavioural counselling help my dog’s behaviour?

Dog counsellors are experts in their field. They can help by teaching you ways to work with your beloved pet to ensure you have a bond that will last a lifetime. We would be happy to work with you and your pet and if our Doctors feel a referral to a behaviour specialist is warranted we can arrange that.

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