Puppy Vaccinations

Keep your canine companion protected with a vaccination plan.

Just like human babies, puppies need the proper set of vaccinations at a young age to promote a strong, healthy immune system and a long, healthy life. It is our responsibility as owners to make sure our new little friends get what they need at the proper times.

What vaccinations do you provide to new puppies?

This will depend, in part, on how old your puppy is on your first visit. It will include the “Core” vaccination, and possibly others.

Why is it important to vaccinate your puppy?

Because puppies don’t yet have a strong immune system, they need our help to build it up and start producing antibodies for the common canine diseases we are most worried about. This can only be done by following the proper vaccine schedule for puppies. If a puppy gets the initial vaccine but doesn’t come in for boosters in the next couple of months, the vaccine is not effective in protecting your puppy.

At what age should I bring in my puppy for their vaccinations?

Ideally puppies should begin their vaccinations between 6-8 weeks. This is the time when the natural antibodies from the mother’s milk start to decline. Unvaccinated puppies could potentially pick up viruses if in contact with another dog (or their stool) that has a virus.

How should I prepare my puppy for their first vaccination visit?

Call us to book your appointment at 506-622-2355. After that, all you need to do is bring any previous medical records if you have them, and bring your puppy too, of course! Also, bring a favorite treat, so the puppy has positive associations with the visit.

How much do puppy vaccinations cost?

Please contact the hospital for all cost inquiries.

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