Insure or Not Insure That's the Question

Many people take the wrong view on insurance; they look at it as a waste of money. We often get the question, “Is it worth it?” Do you pay car insurance every month “just in case” you are in an accident? Pet insurance works in a similar way. We may be the best drivers in the world, but it only takes a second for a car accident to happen. We may feel like we have the healthiest pets, and nothing can happen, but it does.

So yes, it’s worth it. It’s easy enough to say that saving some “cushion” money in case something happens. What if two months into creating this cushion, your new puppy becomes extremely ill? Have you saved enough? Some illnesses and emergencies can cost thousands of dollars to treat.

The purpose of pet insurance is to help owners pay for large, unexpected or unplanned expenses that people would have trouble paying out of pocket. Even though our hospital now offers financing, this can still be an unpredicted expense.

There are many plans out there that cover a wide range of services. There are many affordable insurance policies ranging from basic coverage to total coverage. Typically, how it works is you would need to pay your veterinarian upfront, then submit your claim, after which your insurance provider then reimburses you. Like car insurance, there is copay as well as a deductible, but in the long run, pet insurance can save you a lot of money and stress.

None of us can predict the future. We do not have any way of knowing that the cute little puppy or that fluffy kitten we are bringing home will develop allergies or asthma. Or even worse get into a life-threatening accident like being hit by a car. Often we see broken limbs or pulled a ligament, some of which need to be referred to a specialist. There are so many unforeseen injuries and illnesses that pet insurance can help reduce the financial burden of decision making for your pet.

As your pet grows older, medical needs become more of a necessity in your senior pet. Bloodwork, x-rays, medications, arthritis, these are all very common in our ageing pets. Insurance will cover any new developing medical issues if they have already been insured before discovery. It is why it is a great idea to get insurance as a young dog or cat.

Please ask us how you can start your pet on the insurance program that best suits your needs.